ES Activities Guidelines/Reminders


IMPORTANT REMINDERS: Only PARENTS are allowed to sign up for the student. Please discuss carefully with your child what activities he/she would like to sign up for. Activities are subject to confirmation. You will receive a letter of your child’s confirmed activities on December 11th.

Helpful Information:

  • No log-in required. You will need to give your child’s details, such as name, grade level and your child’s dismissal procedure (bus rider/pick up) after activities. You will also need to provide your contact information (phone and email).
  • You will need to sign up with the expectation that your child is attending all days of the particular activity. We will only accept single day changes when all enrollments are completed.
  • Unless otherwise specified, activities with A and B groups are simply to differentiate the days they run.
  • Please look for the confirmation note when you have clicked submit, there will be an email, however if you have submitted your address incorrectly you may not receive this but your entry will still have been submitted.
  • Please note if you submit a second sign-up for your child, this will cancel your original entry so you will loose your first time stamp.

ACTIVITIES SELECTION: It is important to PRIORITIZE your child’s selections appropriately. Please see below the process in which the Activities Office place students.

  • Students are sorted by their first priority in order of sign-up time stamp. (Where possible we aim to give everybody their first priority choice.)
  • Should sign ups exceed the maximum capacity of a class, we place students on a wait list for their preferred classes. We will contact a wait-listed student as soon as a slot is open.
  • Students are then sorted in order of their second priority in order of sign-up time stamp, filling any remaining slots, and then placed on the waiting list as above.
  • This process is followed through all of the priority lists.

Please note you may submit another sign up, however we will take the most recent without exception, this will mean you will loose your original sign-up time stamp place.

LATE REGISTRATION: Registration after the deadline (November 24th, 4pm) will be accepted for activities which have not reached maximum. You may add or cancel activities on or before September 11th.

OVER-SUBSCRIPTION: Should students exceed the maximum capacity of a class, we place students on a wait list for their preferred classes. We will contact a wait-listed student as soon as a slot is open.

UNDER-SUBSCRIPTION: Classes or activities that do not have a minimum number of 10 students may not open.

FEES: Some classes require a fee for materials. Payments should be made at the Cashier’s Office. The appropriate fees will be charged to the students’ school accounts after January 22nd. A student will be charged for classes NOT cancelled by January 22nd even if the student has stopped attending.


ACTIVITIES ATTENDANCE: Once a student has signed up, confirmed and is attending an activity, THEY MUST ATTEND EVERY SESSION. If the student won’t attend a particular session, the Activities office must be notified. You may notify us at 840-8485 or email us at

ONCE REGULAR CLASSES ARE OVER: Children not involved in an after school program are not permitted to remain on campus unsupervised after 2:30 p.m. They may only wait in the E.S. Canteen, Waiting Area, or the ES Library. They will need to obtain a library pass from the Campus Supervisor in the ES Canteen before they can proceed to the library.

Please note, all students who are not enrolled in an activity should proceed home directly.

If a student misses the bus or their ride has not arrived by 3:30, they will be sent to the ES Canteen to be collected. They may proceed to the ES Office if they need to make a phone call.

FIRST WEEK OF ACTIVITIES:  Grade 2-4 students will be accompanied by their homeroom teachers to the ES Canteen. The Activity instructors will then accompany students from the cafeteria to their respective activity areas. Campus supervisors will be around the area to provide your child with further assistance.

Grade 1 students will be picked up by assigned coaches in their respective pillars at the Grade 1 hallway from the start until the end of Semester.

EARLY RELEASE DAYS: There will be no activities on early release days. Students must leave the campus at dismissal time.

TRANSPORTATION/DISMISSAL AFTER THE ACTIVITY: All students must take their scheduled bus. No activity extension will be allowed. If there will be changes in your child’s dismissal, please email the ES office (

BAD WEATHER / CANCELLATION OF CLASSES: If a decision is made to close the school after students have arrived, and before school ends, students will stay until 2:00 pm. After School activities will then be cancelled, and students will generally be expected to proceed home at the first available opportunity.

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