Please note that the Arts and Crafts are mostly repeat activities. If they signed up on these activities before, they will be doing the same art works and projects.


Mon & Fri, Fee: Php 1500

Turn your imagination to reality! Create your own cartoon characters. Take them from your imagination to entertain your friends and family with your stories and have fun. Start with our basic drawing and coloring, constructing and later on, do your own 3D cartoon characters.

Create unique lettering for anything..from greeting cards to comics, invitations, or personalized text for special occasions.

Let’s learn together and have fun! Limited to 20 students.


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 1500


Turn paper (papyress) scraps of boards, woods, beads, yarns, wires, fabric into your own imaginative models.  Learn to make buildings, bricks, bags, picture frames, and a lot more craft ideas out of simple things including those recycled materials from the house.


Bend them, contour, twist, loop, zigzag and frenzy.  Create and learn the right way to twist and mold wires into names, flowers, accessories like pins & clips, and even wire creatures of people and animals.

Modeling Clay, Earth Clay, Plaster of Paris

Create sculptures, figures, clay pots and vases.  Mold your hand prints and make them last forever.  Use these materials into creating your own figures while having fun


If you love the art of paper folding and you want to explore creating animals, things, etc. with your hands.


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 1500

This activity will allow students to explore basics strokes and techniques of writing in cursive and decorative writing. Students can expect to bring their favorite songs and texts to life in different ways. Given that students are no longer required to learn this kind of writing in classes, this activity may give a learning opportunity for those who are interested to read and write in cursive script or using decorative writing.



Learn a new skill and get hooked! Learn to play with yarn by creating simple projects such as bracelets and finger puppets, to bigger ones such as necklaces, scarves, belts and even Amigurumi. This class is open to crafty kids who would like to be future hobbyists, creative craft makers and young entrepreneurs. Yarn and crochet needles need to be brought by the participants.


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 1500

Learn and explore different and exciting things using various materials. Making designs on stone, jars, small pots and even fabrics. Spice up your creativity using paints, markers, cut-out pictures, sequins, beads, colored sand and even clay. Limited to 20 students.


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 1500

Be creative and make your own gifts. Discover different ways you can do with buttons, boxes, cut-out pictures, beads, jars, empty cd cases, yarns, threads, stickers, and a whole lot more. You will learn how to sew, make a bracelet, a necklace, design an apron, a bag, a calendar, learn how to recycle old boxes and jars…we have lots of fun and functional projects in store for you. So come join us and let your creativity come alive. Limited to 20 students.


Wed, Fee: Php 1500

In ISM, we believe that we can help save the environment in our own little ways by conserving and maximizing the available resources as much as we can. Junior DIY caters to Grade 1 students, helping them engage to simple and functional do-it- yourself projects which will develop their creativity, independence and environmental awareness.


Mon & Fri, Fee: Php 1500

Students explore wet and dry painting media and techniques like crayons, chalk, pastel, colored pencil, watercolor, tempera and acrylic.  Lessons on drawing & composition also tackled so students can express their ideas visually.  Limited to 20 students.


  1. Techniques with cray pass, watercolor, colored pencil, tempera, acrylic & mixed media.
  2. Creating effect
  3. Painting/drawing still-life, animals, landscapes, portraits, etc.
  4. Painting from imagination & fantasy




Tue & Thu

Guitar ensemble is open to students in Grades 3 and 4 and will offer an introduction to the guitar, including basic chords, scales, technique and playing with an ensemble. In addition to focusing on guitar skills and concepts, musical theory and harmony will also be explored in relation to songs and concepts that are being learned. This ensemble will also offer opportunities for students to play together, as well as time for individual performance and practice. Students need to have their own guitar. Limited to 15 students.

ES CHOIR (Gr 1-2)

Mon & Fri

During this activity, students will learn the method of singing. This includes proper posture, breathing, voice placement, clear diction and tone quality. They will read simple melodies and focus on music that explores unison singing, two-part harmonies and canons. Members of the choir will learn the discipline of being a choir singer and will individually contribute to the bigger picture and sound. Most importantly, students will experience the joy of creating music with others, and have fun performing!

ISM SING (Gr 3-4)

Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 350

The more voices the merrier! If you are a BOY or a GIRL in Grade 3 or 4, come be part of our amazing sound. ISM Sing! is not an ordinary choir. It is an extraordinary vocal group that sings with loads of enthusiasm, beautiful harmony and has become a staple of spirit in the ISM community. In addition to working on excellent vocal technique, last year ISM Sing! performed 14 times (ISM All Choirs Concert, multiple ES Assemblies, Sports Day Closing Ceremony, multiple Parent Coffees, End of Year Recital, On Tour to various locations around campuses) and sang in many languages. Sing!ers performed jazz songs, pop songs, choral octavos, songs from musicals, ceremonial songs, folk songs, lullabies, canons, partner melodies, work songs, songs that told stories, songs from movies, and they even delivered 35+ Singing Valentines around ISM. Movement and musical literacy are regular parts of our music making. Lots of laughter also included! New members will receive an ISM Sing! t-shirt for performances. Returning members will get new shirts if needed due to size or wear and tear. Parents can expect direct communication with Ms. Julie regularly re: performances and rehearsals. Here is a quick video of a past season to give you an idea of the variety of what we do.

Participating students have a few requirements: 

1. Sing!ers need to regularly check their school email accounts FROM HOME for announcements and practice materials. (This may shift to Seesaw which is a new platform the students and parents will be learning to use this year.) Some students may need parental support to be given the opportunity to do so on a device at home. 

2. They need a folder for their sheet music–in ALL rehearsals.

3. Excellent behavior, enthusiasm and full participation are expected of all Sing!ers. This is both a rigorous and very fun activity! 

4. Be helpful and caring to fellow Sing!ers. Ask for help if needed. 

5. Tuesday and Thursday attendance is required. Please plan for this in the context of other ISM/non-ISM activities in which your child may be enrolled. This is particularly important headed into the major performances of each semester (November All Choirs and May Recital). Attendance impacts the rest of the group/choreography/partners, etc. Here is a link to our calendar for the 18/19 school year. It is constantly updated as we receive new performance invitations, facility changes, school cancelations, etc.)

We are willing to accept new students at later points in the year! Ms. Julie will communicate with new students on an individual basis to make a mutual decision on when they are ready to be successfully included in performances. Maximum enrollment 75.

Director: Julie Lodi (All registration questions should be directed to Ms. Mei in the ES Activities Office, but if you have a question about the nature or rigor of the activity, please feel free to contact Ms. Julie:


Tue & Thu

If your child loves to play pretend, read stories and act them out or just have fun with interactive games, then the Little Performers activity is perfect. Each week, the students will have an opportunity to be exposed to different creative dramatic activities including readers theatre, impromptu skits, character development, team building and much more! Not only will our Little Performers have fun and learn theatre skills but will be able to build their confidence, stretch their imagination and learn to be collaborative as they practice their communication and creative skills.


Mon & Fri (I) / Tue & Thu (II), Instrument Rental: $75 per semester for instrument rental (Subject to availability of school violin. Once confirmed in the activity, please check with the coach first). No fee if the student has an instrument.

Those with no strings or musical instrument experience or  with very basic string experience, or planning to take additional private tutoring.

The basic goals and requirements needed in this class:

  1. Student will need 1 violin instrument either through a “rent a school owned instrument” or student may buy his/her own personal violin instrument.
  2. Student will learn proper playing posture.
  3. Student will study how to read simple notes and play the music notes correctly.
  4. Student will learn beginning music pieces (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pieces) during the course of study.
  5. Student will perform the studied music pieces by memory at the scheduled Music Concert (student may be involved in occasional extra rehearsals prior to performances.
  6. After a year of study, the student will move on to the Strings Intermediate class.
  7. Students are taught using the Sazuki method, Scale study, Wohlfahrt. There will be bowing and finger dexterity exercises.


Tue & Thu, subject to assessment, Instrument Rental: $75 per semester

This afternoon strings class is open to all Grade 2 to Grade 4 students who had at least 1 year of violin study at ES After School Strings Beginners class or had at least 1 year of private violin study with a private tutor.

Following goals and requirements needed to achieve in this class are:

  1. Student will need 1 violin instrument either through a “rent-a-school-owned-instrument” or student may buy his/her own personal violin instrument.
  2. Student will practice the proper playing posture.
  3. Student will continue to read notes and play the music notes correctly.
  4. Student will learn intermediate music pieces (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8 pieces) during the course of study.
  5. Student will perform the studied music pieces by memory at the scheduled Music Concert and Final Concert (student may be involved in occasional extra rehearsals prior to performances)
  6. After a year of study, the student will move to Strings Advanced class.


Mon & Fri, subject to assessment, Instrument Rental: $75 per semester

This afternoon strings class is open to all Grade 2 to Grade 4 students who have at least 2 years or more of violin study at ES After School Strings Intermediate class or had at least 2 years or more of private violin study with a private tutor.

Following goals and requirements needed to achieve in this class:  (basically a review and continuation of music skills learned from Strings Beginners and Intermediate Levels)

  1. Students will learn how to play vibrato (to those who don’t know) or a review (to those who already know).
  2. Students will learn left hand shifting to higher positions from 1stposition to 3rdposition, then to 2nd position.
  3. Students will learn spiccato and other bowing techniques.
  4. Students will study challenging pieces in preparation for the Music Concert (students may be involved in occasional extra rehearsals prior to performances).
  5. Students will form an ES Strings Orchestra Class which consists of 1st violin, 2nd violin, viola and cello. Aside from violin playing, students will study viola or cello as their alternate instrument. Versatility is encouraged. Student’s “hand frame” will be checked   to identify what instrument is naturally suited to the would be instrumentalists.
  6. The Strings Advanced student can still continue the following next school year at ES Afternoon Advance Strings Class till he/she finishes ES requirements.

UKULELE (Gr 3-4)

Mon & Fri

The Ukulele Activities Class is offered to Grade 3 and 4 students . The class offers the basics of ukulele playing from holding and strumming the ukulele to playing popular songs from around the world with simple chord progressions and melodies properly and comfortably. The class also fosters collaboration as they perform together as an ensemble. The lessons are geared to develop the ukulele player’s musicianship and love for the instrument as it differentiates the learner’s skill to make them successful at their own pace. The ukulele is an inexpensive string instrument to play and the students are expected to bring their own for the class and may buy either a soprano (smaller) or an alto (bigger) ukulele for the class. Students need to have their own ukulele.



JAZZ 1 (Gr 3-4)

Tue & Fri, Fee: Php 2000

This class is designed to teach basic dance skills, technique, and vocabulary of jazz dance. Various jazz dance styles will be introduced such as: modern jazz, pop jazz, jazz funk, lyrical jazz, and Broadway Jazz.  Jazz dancing is a form of dance that showcases a dancer’s individual style and originality. This type of dancing is energetic and fun, consisting of unique moves, fancy footwork, big leaps and quick turns. Jazz shoes may be required for this dance activity.


Fee: Php 2000

Ballet is a form of theatrical dancing that began to evolve in Western Europe.  Ballet technique consists of stylized movements and positions that have been elaborated and codified over the centuries into a well-defined system called academic ballet.  Because the steps in ballet were first named and codified in France, French is the international language of ballet.

Ballet 1

Mon & Fri

The student is introduced to movement without the over-emphasis on the difficulties of ballet training.  In this level, the student would only learn the basic positions and exercises, and elementary steps.  Without the students realizing it, this work gives them physical coordination and an effort for concentration different to that required in school studies. The promotion to the next level would be determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student’s movement coordination achieved through a certain level of concentration and discipline.

Ballet 2

Tue & Thu

This is where Ballet training starts.  The emphasis on stance/posture and turn-out are already implemented.  Stance means that the student should stand up straight with the head erect, spine vertical and shoulders down.  Turn is the facing out of the knees and feet of the dancer.

The exercises in this level aim to gradually develop strength in the muscles. The promotion to the next level would be determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student’s ability in stance and turn-out.  The strength developed by the student in this level will be crucial for the next progressive stage of training. For Grade 2-4 only.

Ballet 3

Mon & Fri, 3:15-4:15

The students are taught basic steps such as plié in first and second position of the feet; proper placement of arms in first, second, third and fifth; tendus front, side and back; relevés and sautés in first and second, and waltz steps. Russian first port de bras exercises are given to the students for proper usage of the arms and head.

The student is expected to show good posture and should be able to understand and execute some of the simple vocabularies thru verbal instruction of the teacher. The steps are given with the accompaniment of music, the student should be able to do the steps musically.

In preparation for the next level, the student is also taught steps that start in third position of the feet.  In this level, The student is expected to show good posture and should be able to memorize simple combinations.

Part of the class is devoted to floor work, this is for developing flexibility and awareness of how each body part function. The promotion to the next level would be determined by the teacher’s assessment of the student’s movement coordination achieved through a certain level of concentration and discipline. For Grade 3-4 only.

Ballet 4

Tue & Thu, 3:15-4:15

Starts with barre exercises. If the student is strong enough, exercises are done with one hand on the barrePliés, tendus and jetés are already done from first, second, and fifth positions of the feet. The coordination of head, arms, body and legs are of importance. Rond de jambe, and adage exercises with extensions are also given to the students. Essentially, a complete barre is given. Strengthening of the legs in preparation for more complicated center work is the goal for the combinations given in the barre.

Proper posture is expected during all the exercises. By this time, the student should be able to grasp the vocabulary in ballet thru verbal instruction from the teacher. For Grade 3-4 only.


  • Boys: White shirt, cycling shorts/black tights
  • Girls: Pink tights, leotard (any color), pink ballet shoes (soft), hair in a ponytail or in a bun


Fee: Php 2000

Tap is a dance-style of American theatrical dance, distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor. Students will develop an emphasis on rhythm and timing with relation to fundamental technique and awareness of Tap.

Beginners (Tap 1 & 2) Tue & Thu

Introduces basic foot movements, demonstrate fluidity of body movements simple steps and routines.

Intermediate (Tap 3) Mon & Fri

This class is for students with basic skills.  Includes time steps, coordination skills and more complex footwork, combinations and routines.

Advanced (Tap 4 / 5 & 6)

Mon & Fri, 3:15-4:00 (Tap 4)

Tue & Thu, 3:15-4:00 (Tap 5 & 6)

This class introduces demonstrates advanced time steps, more difficult footwork, combinations and routines.


  • Tap shoes


Wed, Fee: Php 2000

This class aims to offer students the opportunity to be physically fit, while learning street dancing steps and routines that are appropriate for the given age group. They will also be given the chance to explore movement and rhythm as they are asked to create and come up with their own dance steps and sequences during some sessions. The students will also be taught proper stretching and cooling down techniques. Emphasis on musicality and movement following beats and rhythm will also be emphasized.



Martial arts uniform is not compulsory, however, we highly recommend that students have a uniform for protection. For Tae Kwon Do, belt is required. After two weeks of attendance for students who don’t have uniform yet, the coach may send out a uniform or belt order form in case you wish to purchase for your child. After you sign, the form needs to be returned to the coach so he can get the student’s size. Payments may only be made at the cashier’s office.


Mon & Fri / Tue & Thu

(A or B are both mixed group of Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

Aikido is a peaceful, non-competitive form of martial art that can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age and gender, as an effective method for self-defense. Its key principle is based on harmonization with the energy of the opponent and execution of techniques to neutralize an attack. Developed on the concept of non-aggression, the philosophy of Aikido is summarized in the famous literary work “The Art of Peace” by its Japanese founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Aside from self-defense, Aikido offers many additional benefits particularly for Elementary School children. Among these are falling skills, flexibility exercises, and centering activities. Those between 8 and 12 years old always like to run and play around; with Aikido they will be  able to develop instinctive skills to take unexpected falls safely thereby minimizing physical injuries.


Mon & Fri / Tue & Thu

(A or B are both mixed group of Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

Master the ancient Japanese martial art of Judo.  It develops discipline and strength.  Students will learn the skills of balancing, falling, rolling, grappling and sparring.


  • Students will learn the Break Fall (Ukemi) and Judo Roll
  • Students will learn at least 2-3 techniques (e.g. 1 throw like a O-Soto Gari (Outer-Reaping Leg Throw).
  • Students will learn the back to back fight or ground techniques


  • Students must be able to perform Break fall (Ukemi) & Judo Roll
  • Students will learn at least 4-5 throws (e.g. O-Soto Gari, Hip Throw, Neck Throw, One-Arm Shoulder Throw & Body Drop)
  • Students will learn the  Randori (a free fight within the rules of Judo)
  • Students will learn to use different offense and defense techniques


Mon & Fri / Tue & Thu

(A or B are both mixed group of Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

​Tae Kwon Do is a korean martial arts that includes kicking, punching, self defense, and forms. This year, we will be applying the stripes curriculum where in the students will collect all the stripes color (yellow, blue, red, brown, and black) that will be attached to their belts. Each belt corresponds a different activity that they need to perform and memorize, once they collect all the stripes they are ready to take the next belt testin​​g.




Tue & Thu

An introduction to badminton, improving hand eye coordination. Children will learn the basic shots, serve, forehand and backhand drive, overhead pass, smash and drop shots.


Grade 1-2 Mon & Fri

Fundamentals of basketball will be introduced to students.  Students will learn simple drills for stamina and agility together with controlled dribbling and shooting.  In the middle of the semester 30 minutes or so will be dedicated to scrimmages.  The rules of the game will be introduced during actual play.

Grade 3-4 Tue & Thu

Students will learn more difficult basketball skills.  Passing and lay-ups techniques will be introduced.  Discipline and speed are the main focus in this division.  The last 30 minutes of the session will be dedicated to scrimmages.  Officiating is stricter during the games.


(Beginners) Mon & Fri / (Advanced) Tue & Thu

Beginners & Intermediate

Beginner students will focus on the Basic Rules like touch move, castling, pawn promotion, and opening principles. Students will also have exercises in checkmates and tactical patterns with algebraic notation. Before the semester ends, skill test will be given through a tournament. Limited to 24 students.

Beginner Level Skills:

-Plays without any reliable formation or set-up
-Relative value of pieces is not important and not aware of tactics.
-No endgame techniques yet but knows what checkmate is.
-Won some games against parents, siblings or friends.

Intermediate Level Skills:

-Follows opening principles/guides/steps.
-Able to use chess notation.
-Knows how to trade pieces.
-Shows at least 4 tactics like pin, skewer, fork and backrank.
-Uses basic checkmate patterns.
-Can handle at least K+P vs. K endings.
-Played 2 scholastic tournaments already
-So eager to level up.



Students signing up on the advanced level must be able to check threats and captures, and when to use tactics and has knowledge in checkmate patterns. He/She must know how to evaluate simple and critical positions and demonstrate how to play practical endings. Students will learn advance tactics and strategies and solve more challenging chess problems and learn principles in greater depth. They will study opening systems for both white and black pieces with the observable application of opening principles. Exercises in Pawn, Rook, and Queen will be included aside from the tournament which happens at the end of every semester. . Limited to 24 students.

Advanced Level Skills:

-Has opening repertoire for black and white.
-Able to replay at least 10 moves of his/her games
-Superb in tactics that leads to good combinations
-Uses intuitive play
-Has a lot of end game techniques and mating nets
-Easily demonstrates pawn and rook endings
-Competes regularly
-Able to analyze his own games



Mon & Fri for Gr 2-4 / Wed for Gr 1

Ever wanted to run away with the circus? Now is your chance to learn some skills seen in the circus including: juggling, clowning, unicycles, Chinese YoYos and basic tumbling routines. This is about having fun and learning some new skills. No previous experience needed. We will teach you all you need to know. Patience and persistence are essential!


Mon & Wed

Cricket is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of 11 players on a field, at the centre of which is a rectangular 22-yard long pitch. One team bats, trying to score as many runs as possible while the other team bowls and fields, trying to dismiss the batsmen and thus limit the runs scored by the batting team. A run is scored by the striking batsman hitting the ball with his bat, running to the opposite end of the pitch and touching the crease there without being dismissed. The teams switch between batting and fielding at the end of an innings. You will be able to play a version of the game and develop all the skills needed to play the game well.


(Beginners & Intermediate) Tue OR Thu

This programme is for those with a year or less of gymnastics experience. The programme challenges students to master tactics involving strength, rhythm, balance and flexibility. They will learn gymnastics basic skills e.g. rolls, jumps, balance and locomotor movement. Students will be taught how to safely progress on the floor, vault, bars and beam.

(Advanced) Mon & Fri

Once students have had at least two years of continuous gymnastics experience, they will progress in all areas, floor, vault, bars and beam. Learning the more advanced moves and preparing for competition standards.


  • PE or comfortable play clothes, NO JEANS
  • Rubber Shoes/runners; NO CROCS/FLIP FLOPS


Mon OR Wed OR Fri

Come and join for fun on the playground areas. We will have a coach to supervise and lead familiar games as well as collaborating to create more ways to play together. A great active opportunity to get to know more friends in ES.


Fri Boys OR Girls

This is open to students from Grade 1-4. This will help in Soccer skill progressions and scrimmages.

SWIMMING – Learn to Swim / Stroke Development

Mon & Fri / Tue & Thu

Swimming – Learn to Swim 

This is for those students who are at the beginning stages of learning to swim. This will help improve confidence in water, survival skills and entry into stroke progression.

Swimming – Stroke Development 

This is for the students who already have some experience with competitive strokes and are interested in joining the Sailfish Swim Team. Swimmers will be working on refining their competitive strokes and beginning to swim over longer distances in the lap pool.


  • Swim attire/changing clothes/bath towel/cap/goggles


Mon & Fri / Tue & Thu

(A or B are both mixed group of Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

In this program students will develop visual tracking, eye-foot and body coordination. Through games, kids will learn how to use skills and direct the ball towards a target area and accomplish assigned challenges.


Mon /  Tue / Thu / Fri,  Fee: Php 1000 per schedule group

The ES Bearcats tennis academy program is a semester based program and have a limit on numbers to ensure quality coaching with a focus on age/skill appropriate tennis skills/drills.

Participants may avail of up to 4 sessions per week for the semester based fee. Please note, you must nominate the daily sessions you will attend in order for coaches to plan lessons and for them to know which sessions students will attend.

Tennis Beginners. Students will develop a range of basic tennis skills through fun skill based sessions that incorporate all aspects of fundamental tennis skills (ground strokes/serving, etc. and modified small games)

Tennis Intermediate / Advanced. Students will be placed in this group if they have the basic fundamentals of the game and can rally consistently with a partner and show good form with ground strokes, serving and volleying techniques. Coaches will focus on higher level extension tennis skills and drills to enhance skill development in all aspects of the game and match play tactics/strategy.


  • PE or tennis clothes,
  • Tennis Shoes/runners; Tennis Racquet, water bottle


Mon / Tue / Thu / Fri

(A / B / C / D are mixed group of Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)

Experience climbing our school’s safe and challenging wall! Our program is designed to develop the attitude, confidence, discipline, perseverance, coordination and physical fitness of the students.  ISM’s climbers are one of the most respected competitors in the country.  It is our mission to train our students to be more competitive not only locally but internationally as well. Limited to 24 students per class.


  • PE or comfortable play clothes, NO JEANS
  • Rubber Shoes/runners; NO CROCS/FLIP FLOPS



Please note that most of the clubs are repeat activities. If they signed up on these activities before, they will be doing the same projects and activities.



Bamboo Shoots is a compilation by students, of literary and art works  from around the classes, as well as reports on activities around the school. It comes out twice yearly. This year we plan to combine in the last edition the Alaala (the ES Yearbook) as well, but involve students in its development and lay out. Limited to 15 students.


Wed, Fee: Php 1500

Brain Buzz will be a weekly avenue for kids to work on different kinds of brain teasers. Brain teasers are a type of riddle that requires one to think outside the box. Some are easy, some can be a little harder, and some can really be challenging. It will allow students to use high level critical thinking and problem solving skills, while in a fun, engaging, and collaborative environment.

Every meeting will have a main challenge/riddle/puzzle to solve as well as other stations with different smaller scale brain teasers and brain work for different levels. Students may choose their station/s for the day.

They can get different tokens/stickers for the different activities they get done and get Brain Buzzer badges/certificates at the end of the semester.


Wed, Fee: Php 1500

Children will have the chance to explore a fun and learning dimension of real board games and cards in our world that is hyped with all the gadgets around.

Let the children use their hands and body, practice coordination of brain and movement, building up stamina and focusing through playing fun games and build social skills and values.  Limited to 18 students.



This activity aims to teach the children about different games played all over the world. It will help students strengthen their gross motor skills, allow them to collaborate and work together during team games, and learn the value of respect, safety and diversity.


Mon & Fri, Fee: Php 1500

Young children and young teens start to find themselves juggling different activities within the day, from school to homework, sports, play and hanging out with friends. They may feel like there’s no time for healthy eating, and it can be tempting for them to just grab something convenient like a burger and fries, chips, sweets and other junk food. When children begin to have busy schedules, the more important it is to eat healthy foods to supply them with long lasting energy to keep their mind and body alert. And at this age, their bodies need more vitamins and nutrients to grow as they should.

A firsthand experience in creating meals can help children build not just their self-confidence, but also nurture healthy eating habits. Cooking can encourage children to taste new ingredients and talk about what they like and how healthy foods make their body grow. Making their own food will help children pay more attention to what they eat and gain a deeper awareness on the benefits that they get from it.

One of the aims of the Gourmet Club is to teach students “smart snacking strategies”, or the different techniques on how to create quick, healthy and delicious snacks. The activities will promote foods that are low in sugar, but high in fiber and protein, as these kinds of food will help children keep going until their next full meal. Limited to 15 students.



Mon & Fri

Do you like working with computers and making creative designs with technology? Join us as we explore Google apps and digital design using apps like Google Slides, Google Drawing, avatar making, Digital collage making, and Introduction to Animation, among others! We will also look into some tips & tricks in design that will help make your digital work stand out. Get ready to color the digital world! Limited to 20 students.


Tue & Thu

Kids Snap! Photography is specifically designed for young children ages 6 to 11 years old and is the perfect opportunity for your kids to discover and develop their love for photography! The lessons will be done in a classroom setting, after which the kids can express themselves through a closely supervised photo shoot and photo clinic.


Wed, Fee: Php 1500

Little Einstein offers hands-on Science projects and activities for children to cultivate their interests in learning science using interesting materials and simple scientific tools.

Sample activities include:

Motion: simple rocket, balloon car

Pressure: bubbly bottles, diver in bottle

Light: color wheel, spiral illusion, etc.


Tue & Thu, Fee: Php 1500

This is an activity that encourages and motivates students to be creative, and to build anything they can imagine!

  • Facilitate development of Lateral Thinking or the ability to solve problems through creativity or thinking “outside the box”.
  • It develops organization and planning by “construction”
  • It improves creativity
  • It enhances social development through communication and building of camaraderie
  • It boosts motor development of students


Tue & Thu

Experience getting your hands dirty with us! The Muddy Fingers (Gardening) brings together friends who share your interest in being outdoors and caring for the natural world. You will be helping in taking care of the plants that have been grown for you to enjoy. You will be weeding, mulching, watering, and transplanting. You will experience growing and harvesting your own fruits, vegetables, and flowers. These goodies are brought home for your family and shared with other members of our school community. On top of that, some sessions will be spent in garden-related activities like crafting plant labels, painting with natural dyes, designing pots, creating terrariums, going on a nature walk, having a picnic, and more!


Tue OR Thu

During Programming, children will have a chance to explore digital animation using Scratch, programming and coding.


Mon & Fri

STEAM is the abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math. It’s an integrated approach to learning that encourages students to think more broadly about real-world problems. It helps students to ask questions, connect the dots, problem solve, think creatively and be innovative.

Why A in STEAM? Incorporating the arts into science and engineering have the following benefits:

  • It helps remove idea of inhibition (there’s no wrong answer in art!).
  • It focuses on the process which helps drive innovation.
  • It teaches the power of observation, of people and your surroundings.
  • It helps hone spatial awareness and mathematical concepts like geometry.

STEAM Kids will inspire your children to:

  • Question like a scientist
  • Design like a technologist
  • Build like an engineer
  • Create like an artist
  • Deduce like a mathematician
    – and, most importantly – Play like a kid!

YOGA (Gr 2-4)


An introduction to Yoga. Helping improve posture, writing muscles while preparing to sit comfortably, enhance motor skills and balance. it can improve mind/body awareness and connection, improve confidence and self-esteem and gain understanding of, and ability to integrate wellness concepts such as healthy eating, positive thinking and having gratitude, which ultimately support health of the whole child. Limited to 15 students.



What better way for a brain break than to let loose to your child’s favorite music and exercise to its beat. This dance class is a mix of aerobics and dancing and aims to teach the children to have hand and foot coordination and instill in them a healthy lifestyle at a young age. It teaches children that we should be active and keep our bodies healthy; and that fitness can be fun. We aim to incorporate games and cultural exploration through our classes and activities.

Our Zumba classes will teach children about teamwork, coordination, respect, creativity, culture awareness, and strengthens their memory. We aim to re-energize each child after the class and make sure that they foster a love for music and mutual respect for each other as they work as a team in exploring different genres of music and keeping a healthy lifestyle.




Mon & Fri

This program is for students who have little or no Spanish speaking skills.  It will focus on conversational skills in a variety of social situations, and on increasing vocabulary in Spanish.  Limited to 15 students.


Tue & Thu

This course is for students from Grade 1 to Grade 4 who have little or no background in Chinese Mandarin, but has a strong interest to learn the language, heritage & culture. Here, the students are taught to read and write in simplified Chinese as well as to listen and speak Chinese Mandarin. Limited to 15 students.