ES Activities Semester 2

Online Sign-Up Link HERE

Grade 1-4 Semester 2
January 8th – June 1st, 2018

Kindergarten Semester 2
January 17th – May 30th, 2018

Kindergarten may already sign up on this link: Kindergarten Activities Sign-up Form

New Activities and Changes:

  • Kindergarten Activities Taster Sessions – see more information HERE.
  • Tennis has changed in the sign up process and will now be booked and charged per day.
  • Aquatics is now “Swimming – Learn to Swim” and “Swimming – Stroke Development”.
  • Please note the activities that will repeat projects.

Please take the time with your child to look at the ACTIVITY OFFERINGS and DESCRIPTIONS which are also provided in the links above.

Online Sign-Up Dates:
Please ensure you have read the Registration and Activities Guidelines before Friday Nov 17th.

Registration opens Friday Nov 17th at 4pm.

Helpful Information:

  • No log-in required. You will need to give your child’s details, such as name, grade level and your child’s dismissal procedure (bus rider/pick up) after activities. You will also need to provide your contact information (phone and email).
  • You will need to sign up with the expectation that your child is attending all days of the particular activity. We will only accept single day changes when all enrollments are completed.
  • Unless otherwise specified, activities with A and B groups are simply to differentiate the days they run.
  • Please look for the confirmation note when you have clicked submit, there will be an email, however if you have submitted your address incorrectly you may not receive this but your entry will still have been submitted.
  • Please note if you submit a second sign-up for your child, this will cancel your original entry so you will loose your first time stamp.

Online Sign-Up Link HERE

Registration is of FIRST COME FIRST SERVED BASIS (time-stamped) and will close on Friday Nov 24th at 4pm.
​We ​will send a confirmation letter to you through your child’s Homeroom Teacher. This form will have the child’s schedule of confirmed activities.

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